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Banana Boost Pedal

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Do you like to take it up a notch? Are you looking for a super versatile boost pedal? Look no further, the JHS Pedals Banana Boost pedal is the answer you've been looking for. When we got our first batch of these in I took one of them for a test drive and absolutely loved it.  I had a PRS DGT plugged into the Banana Boost which in turn went straight into my Swart Atomic Space Tone. The sound coming from my amp was magical!  When cranked it got some really nice crunch. When dialed back it was just a nice clean boost.  It's a pedal that's super versatile and super awesome. I'd recommend to anyone. For more information, I've included a  description of the Banana Boost from the JHS Pedals website below
With just a volume and range knob, you will be amazed by sounds from this one pedal. Paired with any tube amp, you have at your feet one of the most versatile tone shaping tools available. The volume knob gives you more than enough headroom to easily drive your amp into natural breakup but the range knob is where the magic is found. When turned to the left 50% you have Rangemaster/Treble Booster tones, and to the right 50% you have full range boost tones in the ranks of a LPB-1 power booster. The placement of this pedal can yield vastly different results. When you run the pedal after your overdrive or fuzz, it projects exactly what it hears and sends it soaring above the mix. If you run it before your dirt boxes, you can force them into rich harmonic saturation that will cause a permanent smile on your face. Either way you choose, the result is a booster that does its job so well you may never turn it off.
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