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Pollinator Fuzz can really buzz!

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My guess is that you've heard the song "Spirit in the Sky" Norman Greenbaum. You know that really buzzy, crunchy fuzz? That's one of the many sounds you can get from the JHS Pedals Pollinator Fuzz. JHS Pedals Pollinator Fuzz PedalFrankly, it's currently my favorite fuzz pedal because I LOVE that vintage germanium sound. This pedal can range from the super over-the-top buzzy fuzz to a nice smooth overdriven fuzz sound.  Check out the JHS Pedals demo video to see what I'm talking about. I guarantee you'll love it. For more information on the JHS Pedals Pollinator Fuzz, visit the product page for more information. [button link="" bg_color="#5D8624" border="#5D8624"]Buy the Pollinator Fuzz Today[/button]

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