Limited Edition Custom Red Sparkle Paramount Overdrive

April 04, 2014 1 min read

Limited Edition - Emerson Custom Paramount OverdriveThis just in. We have an order of Limited Edition Custom Red Sparkle Paramount overdrive pedals coming our way within a few days. This is a very limited batch of really awesome pedals. The first run only consists of 10 of these custom red sparkle color. If you're not familiar with the Emerson Custom Paramount Overdrive, you should be. The Paramount Overdrive is a Medium Gain (Second Stage Overdrive) that stacks very well with almost any pedal. It can be ran at 9-18v (18v for more headroom). When we got our first order in I plugged one up to my pedal board to demo it (need to see what it sounds like before I sell them) and I decided it wasn't coming back off. I liked it that much. This has never happened before. I've demoed a bunch of pedals and this one just rocked. So, if you're interested in getting some awesome overdriven tones from your rig, check out the Paramount in the custom red sparkle. You'll be glad you did. [button link="" bg_color="#5D8624" border="#5D8624"]Buy One Today[/button]

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