April 20, 2019 1 min read

So little time, yet so much progress! We now have 17 guitars and over 115 effects pedals from the best, most creative and technically savvy builders in the world. Our showroom also features a wide assortment of guitar accessories like pedal boards, strings, straps and cables from our favorite suppliers. Featured brands include Kauer, Porter, Prisma, Deimel, D'Angelico, Chase Audio, Strymon, Earthquaker, Caroline Guitar Company, Greer, Zvex, Source Audio, Walrus Audio, Fairfield Circuitry, JHS Pedals, Friedman, Rattlesnake, Creation Death by Audio and Dunlop....to name a few..! 

We are also very much digging our location here in Costa Mesa, CA. Right in the heart of an "alternative retail" type of area with craft breweries on every corner, this feels like a place where we and music can thrive!  Still much to do, but please come on by and see us. Looking forward to it!

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