Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass

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The Cali76 Compact Bass delivers natural, musical compression exactly where you want it, letting the lower strings
breathe for more dynamic transfer and greater perceived girth.
In addition to this pedal’s low-noise circuitry and fast, musical FET response, the Cali76 Compact Bass features a variable-frequency high-pass filter placed in the compressor’s side-chain. With the HPF control dialled in, the compression ratio effectively becomes frequency dependent. The low strings come back to life, adopting an extra weightiness, power and dynamic response, while the higher strings are strictly controlled, preventing slapped and popped notes from leaping out of the mix.

- Studio-grade FET compressor optimised for bass guitar and extended range instruments.
- High-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry.
- Variable side-chain filter keeps low frequencies loud and clear.
- Dry Blend control for instant parallel compression.
- Easy-to-use Attack/Release control sweeps through a range of useful sounds.
- Fully variable Ratio, Input and Output controls for precision settings.
- Classic jewel lamp functions as an intuitive three-colour gain reduction meter.
- 9 to 18V operation, for increased headroom.
- Tour grade, all metal construction.
- High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching.
- Designed and assembled by hand in England.

- DRY – unprocessed signal level
- OUT – compressed signal level
- IN – preamp / compression level
- RATIO – amount of attenuation
- ATTACK/RELEASE – combined control
- HPF – High-pass side-chain filter