Moose Electronics Sundrive

You're looking at a Moose Electronics Sundrive. The pedal is in mint condition and perfect working order. Comes with box and case candy.

From the Manufacturer:
This pedal will cover you for everything from Rory Gallagher and Stevie Ray Vaughan blues tones all the way to Slomatics and Earth style heft. This is a personal favourite for gritty punchy bass too. I spent a bunch of time tweaking components to get the perfect combination of full yet tight low end so it'd perform perfectly with guitars and basses no matter what tuning you use. The aim here is to cover clean tones through low and medium gain drive. It's the real all rounder of the range. Think of it as a high end overdrive utilising the Matamp GT120 tone controls giving what is essentially an overdrive pedal into a Mosfet Matamp preamp.