1955 Vintage Gretsch Streamliner Archtop Guitar Tweed Case

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Here is a 1955 Gretsch Streamliner. It is a very early version of this model with the square truss rod end that can be adjusted with a drum key. Guitar is in decent shape overall. Actually plays pretty nicely. The truss rod could use a little turn but I don’t have the proper tool to do so. Comes with the original case. No breaks or cracks on the guitar. There is a small hole on the top of the body near the tone controls. The original Melita bridge is missing the inserts and custom ones have been made from metal and wood that actually work ok. I’d replace the bridge if I were keeping it. Overall it’s a nice early example of the Streamliner. The wiring may need some attention as a wire appears to be loose and the tone knob isn’t doing anything. The pickup does work.