Disaster Area Designs SMARTClock Gen3 Tap Tempo Controller

This is a customer-returned item. The pedal is in mint condition and works perfectly. Comes with the original box, which has a shipping label on it.

The Disaster Area SMARTClock Gen3 is an intelligent tap tempo and clock source for your pedalboard. Synchronize up to four separate tap-tempo pedals plus multiple MIDI-clock capable units.
The SMARTClock Gen3 is simple to use – just tap the footswitch and all your gear will synchronize to its internal clock.
Don't feel like tapping in the time? Spin the illuminated knob to set the tempo in 1.0 or 0.5 BPM increments for more precise adjustments.
Tap the knob to view or change the subdivisions or output settings for each jack, then hold the knob to save the current settings to a preset.
Hold the footswitch down to advance to the next preset. You can even set the number of accessible presets so that you only use what you need.
Each tempo preset allows you to specify a tempo in BPM or milliseconds, as well as subdivisions or toggle settings for each of the 4 outputs. You can also set the SMARTClock to send a MIDI Program Change to an external MIDI device.