Divided by 13 BTR 23 Head

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You're looking at an excellent condition Divided by 13 BTR 23 head covered in a beautiful Tan Fawn & Cream tolex. This amp was previously owned by a Divided by 13 employee and the utmost care was put into building this amp.

- Serial Number: 3627-98
- Mfg Date: 08/27/2020
- Tolex: Tan Fawn / Cream
- Cover: Divided by 13 Branded Cover

Keeping in the well established tradition of the RSA 23, the BTR 23 (Developed for Brian Ray of Paul McCartney’s band) retains the truly unique and stand-alone sonic signature of the well established RSA 23, combining the best attributes of several of our favorite British amplifier formats, from the speed, sensitivity, and dynamics of our favorite EL84 amp from England, to the mid-range punch and aggressive drive of some of our favorite 50 to 100 Watt 4-input amplifiers from England, topped off with the very unique roaring, powerful, creamy and articulate overdrive offered in our favorite 200 Watt KT88 amplifier from England, we took it further (per Brian’s request) in development by adding a push/pull on the volume to offer additional gain where needed, and a transparent and highly effective master volume to make it more agreeable with on stage application, while still maintaining the single note chord definition at all ranges from 1 to 10 which remains simply spectacular!