Dr Scientist Spectrum Analyzer Visual Device

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The Spectrum Analyzer is a visual device which reads audio information and displays it in 7 frequency bands, from 63Hz to 16kHz, represented by classic LED Bar Graphs. It reads information from any source that can be plugged into it—a computer, a guitar, a synth, a cellphone—or it can read the sound around it through a built-in microphone. Like all Dr. Scientist pedals, the Spectrum Analyzer can be used with guitar, bass, synths, and many other instruments.

  • 7 bright bar graph LEDs to display your audio
  • Studio Color LED
  • Illuminated back plate
  • Pass-through audio only
  • Built-in microphone for room/live sound
  • Comes with power supply and all necessary audio cables
  • Works great with any audio input
  • Sensitivity control for display level
  • Designed and handmade in B.C., Canada

  • Level knob – Sets the level of the LED display, varies with input signal source
  • Pushbutton switch – Chooses between the Line Level input jacks or the built-in microphone

  • Pass-through device with 10MΩ tap-off “looking” at audio signal
  • 250mA @ 9VDC, 2.1mm centre negative
  • Stereo Pass-through
  • Additional Specs
  • Dimensions: 56mm wide, 123mm long, 42mm tall (2.2” wide, 4.8” long, 1.7” tall)