Guytron GT100 F/V Head w/2x12" Cabinet

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You're looking at an excellent condition Guytron GT100 F/V amplifier head with a Guytron 2x12" cabinet loaded with Bigtone 55 speakers. This is a fantastic amp that does it all.

*** We would consider selling the head by itself ***

Guytron's flagship model is the GT100-FV and it has been shipping since 2003. But for those of you who may not know this already, it is actually a (multi-voiced) version of the original GT100 amp from 1995. There are some other refinements as well such as the stainless steel chassis, fully enclosed for low noise, etc.

The GT100 FV has been at the top of the field of high end electric guitar amplifiers since its introduction in 2003 and the original GT100 introduced in 1995 continues to impress today. The GT100 F/V's "A-channel" clean tones are legendary for their sparkle and chime. The lead channel has prompted pro players such as Jon Herington to put away their pedals.

The Guytron Bigtone speakers have been preferred by discerning players since their introduction and continue to be sought after by all who hear them. 

 - Model: GT100 - F/V
 - Serial Number: #434
 - Cover: Included

 - Speaker: Guytron Bigtone 55
 - Wattage: 55W
 - Impedance: 16 Ohm
 - Cover: Included