Jackson Audio Modular FUZZ

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The idea of creating a modular fuzz came about as we were trying to decide which style of fuzz would be the most musical fuzz of all time. The answer quickly became, "All of them!" All of them are different, and all of them bring something unique sonically. With the FUZZ, you can update your fuzz sound completely with our analog plug-ins and turn your pedal into a whole new pedal with a simple and affordable plug-in swap.

"In the 30 years since I began playing guitar, I have always loved fuzz pedals. I've bought countless versions of them over the years, but in my mind, they've always had a massive shortcoming. They desperately need more effective tone controls! That's why I designed the FUZZ with a 3 band, fully parametric EQ." - Brad Jackson

EQ and especially the mids, are where the guitar makes its stand. Not enough mids and your guitar is lost in the mix. Too much highs and your tone is piercing and off-putting. Too much bass and you compete sonically with the bass drum and bass player. With the parametric EQ on the FUZZ, you have 9 controls at your disposal to fully sculpt your tone and make sure the riffs you are laying down are NEVER lost in the mix!

The Fuzz comes stock with with two analog plug-ins. The MODERN FUZZ(Installed) and the FUZZ CLASSIC/VINTAGE. So right out of the box you have two completely different and versatile circuits to choose from.

  • Modular Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal with 3-b Parametric EQ
  • Replaceable Fuzz Circuit
  • Octave Effect