KZ Guitar Works KZ Clean Boost

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Kz CLEAN BOOSTER is a very simple and compact full-range booster pedal employing a single-transistor amplification circuit. It is designed to offer a pleasant sound by its natural and low-noise characteristics. The pedal has a level knob to set the overall volume and two toggle switches to select the characteristics of the boost circuit and the tone character respectively.

The LEVEL knob on the top panel controls the output level of the boosted signal. There will be no output signal when it is turned fully counterclockwise, and the output level is at maximum when it is turned fully clockwise.

The MID BOOST switch on the input side turns the mid boost function on or off. In the down position, the mid boost function is off and the booster functions as a full-range booster with +14dB gain. In the up position, the mid-range centered around 800Hz is boosted by +4dB in addition to the full-range +14dB gain.

The BRIGHTNESS switch on the output side turns the brightness function on or off. In the down position, the high frequency range is cut to make the tone mild and warm. In the up position, the high frequency is boosted to make the tone brilliant.

- Size:48.3/Wx93.5(L)×48.0(H)/mm
- Weight: 146g
- True Bypass Switching
- Power Consumption:9VDC/2mA
- Accessories: Rubber Feet, Manual, Warranty

Our pedals are handcrafted in our Kz Guitar Works shop using reliable and durable components like ALPHA footswitches, SWITCHCRAFT phone jacks and ALPS potentiometers.

:Use a noise-free, regulated power adapter with a DC9V center-negative output connector. Some switched-mode power supplies of large capacity may put out high-frequency noise, and we recommend you to avoid them. Also, some power supplies with multiple output have outputs that are simply connected in parallel which may suffer from the interference noise caused by other pedals connected along with the Kz CLEAN BOOSTER. We highly recommend you to use one with the isolated outputs, if you use a power supply with multiple outputs.