KZ Guitar Works KZ Treble Booster

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Kz TREBLE BOOSTER is a simple booster pedal consisting of one transistor that follows in the wake of RANGEMASTER developed in the UK in 1960s.

Unlike the full-range clean booster, it is predominantly designed to boost the hi-mid range. It thus will keep the bottom-end tighter even at the maximum boost setting.

When you input the guitar signal boosted by Kz TREBLE BOOSTER into the amplifier set at a crunch level, you can get a nice old-school overdrive sound. In this setting, you can just roll off the guitar volume halfway to get a chime-like clean sound.

The LEVEL knob on the top panel controls the output level of the boosted signal.

- The RANGE toggle switch on the input side switches between two different frequency ranges at the input.
- In the “up” position, the lower range is cut for the tighter tone.
- In the “down” position, the tone will get fatter.

- The TONE toggle switch on the output side switches between two different tone
- In the “up” position, you will get a shimmering, edgy tone.
- In the “down” position, you will get a mild, warm tone.

- Size:48.3(W)×93.5(L)×48.0(H)/mm
- Weight:146g
- True Bypass Switching
- Power Consumption:9VDC/2mA
- Accessories:9V Battery Plug, Rubber Feet, Manual, Warranty