Oberheim Xpander Desktop 6-Voice Synthesizer

You're looking at an excellent condition Oberheim Xpander Desktop 6-Voice Synthesizer. This unit is in perfect working condition and is ready for many more years of creating exciting music.

The Oberheim Xpander (/ɛksˈpændər/) is an analog synthesizer launched by Oberheim in 1984 and discontinued in 1988. It is essentially a keyboardless, six-voice version of the Matrix-12 (released a year later, in 1985). Utilizing Oberheim's Matrix Modulation technology, the Xpander combined analog audio generation (VCOs, VCF and VCAs) with the flexibility of digital controls logic.

The Xpander "Owner's Manual, First Edition" describes the technology as this:
"An analogy to the Matrix Modulation system might be all of those millions of wires that existed on the first modular synthesizers. As cumbersome as all of that wiring was, it allowed the user to connect any input to any output, resulting in sophistication and flexibility unmatched by any programmable synthesizer...until now."