OOPEGG Super Retro Compressor / OCP-1

OOPEGG handmade analog pedal inspired by earlier all tube electro-optical compressor. OCP-1 has four-simple control knobs. Each knob has wide-range control and it’s perfect for creating various kinds of popular style music in recording and live performance.

Setting Examples
EX.1) Boost clean tone and add sustain to lead guitar
EX.2) Provide funk and chicken-picking bright and sharper tone
EX.3) Strumming chords or arpeggiate
EX.4) Adding beautiful and clear tone with your modulation pedal (Chorus, Phaser,
and Tremolo etc.). *Please connect with OCP-1 in front of your modulation pedal.

Panel Descriptions
1 Input: The input jack accepts input signals (coming
from a guitar, Some other musical instrument, or
another effects unit).
2 Output: The output jack is used to connect the unit
to an amplifier or another effects unit.
3 DC Input: Accepts connection of AC Adaptor with
OUT DC 9V Power supply (negative).
4 COMP Knob: This adjusts the strength of
compression (sustain time and dynamic range of your
guitar/instrument’s signal).
5 TONE Knob: Rotating the knob clockwise emphasizes the higher frequency making
sharper sounds. Counter-clockwise rotation cuts the higher frequency making softer
6 ATTACK Knob: This adjusts the intensity (reaction speed) of the attack in the picking.
At its clockwise position, the attack sound is retained in each note even in first
7 VOLUME Knob: This adjusts the output volume and effect level.
8 LED Indicator: This Indicator shows whether an effect is on/off.
9 Pedal Switch: Used for switching effects on/off.

Brand / Model: OOPEGG Super Retro Compressor / OCP-1
Effect: Compressor
Input Terminal: 1/4Inch Phone IN.OUT
Input Level: +3dBu
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 100KΩ
True Bypass
Power: DC9V 2.1mm Center Pin Negative or 9V Battery(006P)
Power Consumption:Max 7mAh
Size(Body): 65(W) x 122(D) x 40(H) in mm
Net Weight: 280(g)
Accessory: OOPEGG TOP HAT mini / Red x 1