OOPEGG Super Retro Reverb ORV-1

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OOPEGG handmade pedal that produces an analog vintage style of spring/plate reverb sound. It has a wide-range MIX control knob which is useful for creating various kinds of music like Neo Soul, Jazz, Blues, City-Pop, Electro, and Shoegazing sound etc. with low noise.

Setting Examples
EX.1) Playing lead guitar solo and strumming to point the MIX knob around 10 o’clock.
EX.2) Adding long sustain to your guitar with your drive effect pedals (Distortion, Fuzz,
and Over Drive etc.).
EX.3) Creating super echo sound to turn on both of ORV-1 and the Reverb unit of your
EX.4) Shoegazing and unique outer space sound to raise the level of MIX knob close to
the maximum with your instruments (Guitar, drum machine, and synthesizer etc.)

Panel Descriptions
1 Input: The input jack accepts
input signals (coming from a guitar,
Some other musical instrument, or
another effects unit).
2 Output: The output jack is used
to connect the unit to an amplifier
or another effects unit.
3 DC Input: Accepts connection of
AC Adaptor with OUT DC 9V Power
supply (negative).
4 MIX Knob: This adjusts the ratio between Dry (non-effect) and Wet(Reverb-effect).
Turn the knob to the right (clockwise) to increase the effect sound.
5 Pedal Switch: Used for switching effects on/off.
6 LED Indicator: This Indicator shows whether an effect is on/off, and also doubles as
the battery check indicator.
7 Kill Dry Switch: Flipping the switch up turns on only Wet (Reverb effect) sound.
8 Decay Control Trim: This adjusts the decay time (the amount time it takes for reverb
9 Volume Control Trim: This adjusts the output volume level.
Brand / Model: OOPEGG Super Retro Reverb ORV-1
Effect: Reverb
Input Terminal: 1/4Inch Phone IN.OUT
Input Level: +3dBu
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 47KΩ
True Bypass
Power: DC9V 2.1mm Center Pin Negative or 9V Battery(006P)
Power Consumption: Max 70mAh
Size(Body): 65(W) x 122(D) x 40(H) in mm
Net Weight: 280(g)
Accessory: OOPEGG TOP HAT mini / Pink x 1