Origin Effects Magma57

This is a customer-returned item. It's in 100% perfect condition and works as it should and sounds remarkable. The only imperfection is the box, which has some shipping labels and tape on it. Comes with the case candy.

Combine lush, shimmering vibrato with a smooth, clear overdrive tone and you’ve got a sound that has inspired both legendary guitarists and renowned amp designers. MAGMA57 brings the best of the Magnatone® 200 Series amplifiers to your pedalboard—delivering everything from warm, jazzy clean tones to full-on swirling psychedelia.

True pitch-modulating vibrato
Reactive overdrive designed for authentic sound and playing feel
Comprehensive Post-Drive EQ section to seamlessly match the MAGMA57 to your amp
Tour grade, all metal construction
Effects system integration for convenient control
High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching
Designed and built in England

VIBE footswitch – Switches the vibrato effect on and off. When VIBE is turned on the jewel light will turn white and will pulse at the selected vibrato speed.
DRIVE – behaves like the Volume knob on a vintage non-master-volume guitar amplifier. Set low for clean sounds or turn it up for more overdrive.
TONE – Turn up for a brighter sound. Turn down to tame highs.• OUTPUT – overall pedal output level
SPEED – Turn up to increase the rate of the vibrato effect. The range of the SPEED control is set by the three-position MULTI switch.
MULTI – applies a preset multiplier to the speed of the vibrato, whether it is set by the pedal’s SPEED knob or by attaching an external tap tempo footswitch.
BLEND - The BLEND switches offers three distinct flavours of modulation.
INTENSITY – controls the depth of the vibrato.
POST-DRIVE EQ – three presets allow quick compatibility when plugging into Blackface, Plexi, and flat-response amps. Fine-tune the top-end further with the ADJ trimmer.