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Original Fuzz Black Herringbone Vintage Style Indian Guitar Strap

Original Fuzz Black Herringbone Vintage Style Indian Guitar Strap

Original Fuzz

  • $ 6000

The Vintage Style Indian Guitar Strap This strap features textiles that were sourced responsibly in India. We work with artisan co-ops in India to bring these great fabrics to your guitar. We use traditional ikat patterns, herringbones made on hand-operated looms, wood-block stamped patterns, and bright colors typical of India's rich textile tradition. Woven in India Each guitar strap has a decorative fabric from India. Some are made with hand-stamped patterns where artisans cut out a design in a wood block and apply ink in a screenprint style. Others are woven on a hand-operated loom. Others feature bright colors that are common in Indian textiles. Assembled in USA We source unique decorative fabrics from India and assemble all of the components at our shop in Jacksonville, Florida. We carefully sew the Indian textile to a soft, cotton backing, add vintage style hardware and rivets, and finish it with full-grain horween leather. Sustainable & Fair All of our Indian fabrics are sourced responsibly. We work with an artisan co-op to ensure that our fabrics are made ethically. Because of this, many of these patterns are limited runs. Some patterns might only be made once. Classic Details Each end tab is made with Horween leather from Chicago, one of the best leather tannery's in America. We use a vintage style end-tab shape with metal rivets and vintage hardware. It would look right at home on Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival.

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