Vintage 1903 Gibson A1 Mandolin

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Here is a very old 1903 Gibson A1 mandolin. One of the oldest known examples out there. It’s in pretty good shape overall and could be made playable quite easily. The neck is in excellent shape. Body is in good shape with a few small cracks but nothing major for 120 year old guitar. Pickguard has lost a few small pieces. The only thing keeping this from being played at the moment is the fact that the tailpiece is missing a few of the tabs to attach the strings to. It is the original tailpiece and I did not want to mess with it. It does appear like it could be repaired by someone who welds and works with metal. It’s beyond my abilities. Overall this is a really nice old mandolin. 120 years old and still looks like it’s ready to go another 100+. No case but will be packed safely.