Vintage 1913 Gibson F2 F-2 Mandolin - Black - Handel Tuners

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I’ve decided to sell this 1913 Gibson F2 mandolin. It’s an absolutely beautiful instrument and I really enjoy playing it, but I have some other things that need tending to so something has to go. This thing is a great player with tremendous tone. You can tell it’s been played and loved dearly over the last 110 years. No cracks to be found. Some beautiful checking to the finish also. The fretboard has lost some of its binding. It really should be redone, but it hasn’t bothered me so I never bothered. Frets have quite a bit of wear as they are the original frets. Still very playable but might consider new ones if you were to replace the binding. Tips of the headstock have been broken off also. It’s a really solid old Gibson Mandolin that has many more years of play left in it. It’s been loved and should continue to be. It’s been set up recently and really is a fun instrument to play. Sounds amazing.