Vntage Tone Bifurcator - Prometheus / 4558 Screamer Dual Drive

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BIFURCATOR; a call to the creation of your sound!

After years of searching, experimentation and countless tests of the best Overdrive sounds, we came to the conclusion that our PROMETHEUS (Who defied the Gods and with fire gave warmth, enlightenment & creation tools to musicians) and our VT 4558 SCREAMER (a classic with its rounded, crystalline & explosive tones) are the best sum towards the Eden of tone creation. Individually each has its character & personality which gives them an unmistakable sound, but now PROMETHEUS comes to us with subtle additions that can help you shape its DNA and create new tonal contours. COMBINE and shape them and you will no longer be bound to just imagining the sounds you hear in your head, now all you have to do it BIFURCATE.

Prometheus Controls:
- Gain
- Treble
- Body
- Output

VT 4558 Controls:
- Gain
- Tone
- Output
- Hot Switch