Vntage Tone Octagrapher Fuzz

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Conceived in 2005, the Octagrapher Fuzz provides a shot of fuzzy adrenaline with an octave up for good measure.

To Octave is to climb another rung on the powerful scale of the Sun. Eight notes for you to orchestrate your frenzied concert that defies the infinite power of the stars. Octagrapher: An incensed treasure that with morse coded sounds rises above the eight horizons of Apollo's lyre.

Engaging the key activates the octave, depending on the rhythm and speed that you apply in regards to stepping on and off the key you can start creating some pretty cool textures.

Also depending on the setting of the dials the notes played will be either more defined or less defined on different sections of the fretboard.

- Volume
- Tone
- Gain
- Telegraph Key