Vntage Tone Prometheus Overdrive

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Remember how it felt when you were little and got uncontrollably excited about something? No?, no worries, you will when you plug into this pedal.
PROMETHEUS will reset your senses and once again you will see the world with eyes full of wonder!

Legend has it that Prometheus challenged Zeus, and Zeus in anger, stole the tone from the guitarists. Prometheus in response teamed up with the Humans to bring back the lost tone – in the form of this pedal.

Vntage Tone always loved Jimi H. tone in Red House - and that was the starting point for them on this pedal. At the beginning of the song, and in certain sections, you can hear that "throaty" type tone, but its subtle, they wanted it to be more present, thicker per se, and louder. This pedal is also great for stacking with other screamer/overdrive pedals as it adds power that can be controlled and does not get muddy.

- Gain
- Treble
- Output