Deimel Guitarworks

Frank Deimel has been building guitars since his early adolescence and started his professional business in 1998 in Berlin. Giving an unimpeachable tool to a musician but also mirroring his/her unique style is his absolute goal. A »classic« design stays to be a very important point of lead for creation since he and his customers share the same love for the old vintage models. Therefrom Frank Deimel alters his models with modern features to suit nowadays personal and ergonomical likes.

Throughout the last decades he gathered a lot of experience by building solely custom instruments and doing repairs and modifications. As a result of this, 2012 two serial models of Deimel Guitars have be launched that consolidate only best features in two different designs. The »Deimel Doublestar« is a very compact and symmetric guitar with ergonomic features known by F-style guitars, but with the warmth and sustain of a G-style guitar. The »Deimel Firestar« comes in a more expanded design, which provides long string sections beyond bridge and nut, and wide sounding pickups with experimental electronics. Both models are varnished in classic 60ies car colors and contain attractive wood sections.