2018 Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG - Antique Natural

You're looking at a very good condition 2018 model Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG in a beautiful Antique Natural finish. The guitar plays great and sound very full for a small guitar.

You may notice from the photos that you can see a bit of finish fading on the back of the neck. The previous owner had some tape on the neck and when it was removed it left lines on the back where the finish didn't fade. There are also a few small buckle marks that are barely noticable. On the front of the headstock there is a faint mark from where a tuner say on the guitar for a while.

There is also a faint smokey smell on the guitar that sticking some dryer sheets in the case should solve.

- Serial Number: 13497026
- Mfg Location: Bozeman, Montana USA
- Mfg Date: 12/28/2017
- Model Number: AGPCRNN8
- Finish: Antique Natural
- Case: Gibson Hardshell