Revelator Guitars - '50s RetroSonic T-Style - Transparent Butterscotch Blonde Nitro

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The RetroSonic is Revelator's rendition of the guitar that for many pioneered the whole enchilada. Yes, there were others, but not to some. The consummate working man's guitar, the right Tele can handle just about any thing, at any time in any situation. The Telecaster style guitar is my "go to" just about all the time for everything from Rockabilly to Worship music and everything in between.

- Body: Ultra Light Catalpa
- Neck: Maple
- Color: Early 50's Era Transparent Butterscotch Blonde Nitro
- Pick Guard: 1 Ply Bakelite
- Relic: Medium Wear
- Fret board Radius: 10"
- Neck Back Profile: Soft "V" .85"
- Nut Width: 1.65"
- Fret Size: 6150
- Tuners: Kluson Nickel
- Bridge: Revelator USA
- Saddles: Brass Compensated
- Bridge Pickup: Arcane 50's Experience flat pole
- Neck Pickup: Arcane 50's Experience Nickel Cover
- Knobs: Early 50's Era Dome Top
- Weight: 6lbs. 8oz.
- Serial No. 61161
- Case: Gator Hard Shell