1963 Vintage Blackface Fender Pro-Amp, 40w 1x15

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You're looking at an excellent condition original vintage 1963 Fender Pro-Amp 1x15 tube combo amplfier. Made for only a couple of years in the Pre-CBS Blackface era, the Pro-Amp is one of the rarest Blackface amps. With it's single 15-inch speaker, the only other tonally comperable Fender amp is the coveted Vibroverb. The Pro features a nearly identical circuit to the Vibroverb minus the reverb. This example is pretty clean save for a new speaker and the tolex/grill cloth being replaced. This amp has been cleaned and tested. It is fully functional and sounds awesome.

- Model: Pro-Amp
- Serial Number: A00517
- Manufacture Date: 1963
- Power Output: 40 Watts
- Tubes: 5AR4, 6L6 (2), 12AT7, 12AX7 (2)
- Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass | Volume, Treble, Bass, Speed, Intensity
- Non-Original Tolex and Grill Cloth
- Casters are not original
- Speaker: Non-Original Eminence 15" (Square Magnet)