1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom

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You're looking at a 1969 Gibson Les Paul custom in very good condition. As you can see this guitar was and is a player. The pickups are hot and just scream but if you twist the volume and tone pots just a bit it cleans up really well.

As you can see in the pictures the finish has aged very well. There is a bit of patina on the black and the binding has a nice yellow finish. Where there are scratches the paint has even oxidized and you can see a bit of gold coloring.

On the back of the headstock there is a pretty good scratch that at first glance you may think is a crack. We've had a neck builder from the number one guitar manufacturer in the US look at the neck and he has verified there is no crack.

The pickups and knobs are not original and we believe a fret job was done at some point. The pickups are 1970s Pat. No. Pickups #2737842 and they sound fantastic. Think about any rock song from the 70s and this guitar nails it. We believe everything else is original (aside from 3 steel saddles).

This guitar is absolutely awesome! It feels great in your hands, the ebony fretboard is incredibly smooth and the pickups are stellar. If you're looking for a piece of history that you want to rock out on this guitar is the one for you. We wish you could play it in person but believe us, as well as anyone who has played it, it's an excellent guitar.

- Ebony Fretboard
- Mahogany Body
- 1970s Pat. No. Pickups #2737842
- Non-Original Knobs
- 3 Steel Saddles / 3 Nylon Saddles (Like Bonamassa)
- Serial #806497
- 9lbs. 12.5oz
- CTS Pot(s): TX1158, 1376852
- Deep Paint Scratch on Headstock (Not a crack)