1979 Marshall JMP 2204 Master Model 50w

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You're looking at an excellent condition 1979 Marshall JMP 2204 Master Model 50w guitar amplifier. If you're looking for an original Marshall JMP that sounds amazing this is it!

This amp is nearly all original accept for the tubes, the impedance selector, and a few small parts. The amp was inspected and serviced by Jazmin Electric on 3/21/2023 and passed with a bill of good health. The amp was biased and is running great! There is a small ding in the tolex on the front left side, a bit of tolex could be re-glued on the front and one of the plastic corner bumpers is missing.

- Year: 1979
- Serial Number: S/A 00035L
- Power Tubes: 6550s
- New as of 3/22/2023: Plate load resistors on Power Tubes & Phase Inverter
- New as of 3/22/2023: Cathode resistors on Preamp Tubes
- Marshall 1960B Cabinet available. Please ask if interested