1997 Fender Prosonic Amplifier Head, Red Lizard Skin

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If you're checking this out you probably already know how awesome the early model Fender Prosonic guitar amplifier heads are known to be.

This is an early 1997 model in the Red Lizard Skin covering which was built in the Fender Custom Shop. Approximately only 300 of these were produced. The particular head has been owned by the original owner since day one. It has NOT been stored in a smoke free home studio. It's been played on stage and rocked the crowds.

- Triple Rectifier
- #1 Solid State: 60w
- #2 Tube: 40w
- #3 A Circuit Tube: 20w
- Tubes replaced: Tung Sols
- Early production at Custom Show
- Built by Bruce Zinky


NOTE: The tubes are not original and the footswitch is not included. Cabinet is not included in this listing.