2002 Ovation Adamas Q2 Graphite Acoustic/Electric Guitar - Owned by KK Downing of Judas Priest

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You're looking at an ultra-rare and ultra-collectible Adamas by Ovation Q2 guitar previously owned by KK Downing of Judas Priest. This guitar is serial number #X05 crafted in 2002. It is in excellent shape and sounds incredible.

This guitar was originally aquired at an auction held by Bonhams Auctions of London.

- Composite Top, Bracing, Back.
- Ebony Fret board
- Ebony tuners
- OP50 Electronics with Balanced and Non Balanced output
- Previously owned and played by KK Downing of Judas Priest.

The X in the serial number stands for EXPERIMENTAL. According to Ovation the Q2 is made from a Graphite bowl and top stamped at the Porche factory and the neck and fretboard are wood. (Fretboard is Ebony) the Q1 was the first guitar they experimented with and made about 13 units all components were graphite, the Q2 was an attempt to bring this guitar into their line by using the same components for the bowl and top and wood for the neck and fret board. But do to costs it never happened and they made even less of the Q2 model (estimated to be around 5 or 6). So in other words this is an extremely rare guitar.

If you are a fan of KK Dowining of Judas Priest or if you are a fan of Ovation Adamas and would like to own a guitar that was built in the original Ovation factory in Connecticut, a guitar that was experimental and there are less than 6 in exsistence and never made it to the stores also owned by arguably one of the most influential metal guitarist of all time this is the guitar for you!