2011 Masterbuilt Fender Robben Ford Ultra Esprit

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You're looking at an absolutely stunning excellent condition Masterbuilt 2011 Fender Robben Ford Ultra Esprit in a beautiful smoke burst finish. The guitar was recently setup and everything is playing / sounding wonderful.

There are a few very minor scuffs on the back of the guitar that can't be photographed but as basically not noticeable unless you're searching for them. The case is not original but does the trick. The specs below were provided by Greg Fessler himself.

- Model: Robben Ford Ultra Esprit
- Date: June 2011
- Model #: 9213000173
- Serial Number: GF776
- Master Builder: Greg Fessler
- Pickups: Neck: '59 Duncan, Bridge: JB Duncan
- Fretboard Radius: 12"
- Weight: 8lbs
- Case: Gator Hardshell Case (not original)