2011 Veillette Double Neck Acoustic Guitar w/Flight Case

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Here is a custom made Veillette acoustic guitar from 2011. The Veillette website has an article about this exact guitar and there are a few videos of it being played on YouTube. It’s truly an amazing guitar with sonic capabilities unlike any other I’ve ever played. The upper neck is a normal 6 string acoustic while the bottom neck is a 12-string tuned to high D. The guitar is in very good condition and comes with a custom made flight case from Cedar Creek. Guitar plays beautifully. Really an instrument that needs to be in the hands of a skilled player.

>>>> Here is the original posting from the Veillette website when the guitar was finished in 2011 <<<<

March 30, 2011

We're no strangers to custom orders - almost every guitar we build is custom in one way or another.

However, some instruments go pretty far beyond a typical 'custom'.

After the sneak peek in our last Newsletter and the pre-finish teaser in our last "What's New" post, we're thrilled to now present the finished, assembled, and totally incredible (we think) Doubleneck Acoustic!

The upper neck is a standard-tuned 6-string, and the lower neck is a D-tuned Gryphon.

Ebony fingerboards and bridges perfectly complement the simple black binding and trim, and a natural finish over the mahogany and spruce body gives this piece a beautiful, clean, and modern look.

A side soundport directs some sound right at the player, for a really immediate and intimate connection between instrument and musician. It also gives a nice view of all the bracing and interior structure of the guitar.

The open headpieces with ultralight Gotoh "Stealth" tuners look beautiful and minimize weight, allowing this lovely instrument to balance quite well, whether sitting or standing.

The tone of this guitar is vibrant and complex - very 'vocal' and responsive midrange, and a big, open bass response.