Asheville Music Tools ACV-1 - Analog Chorus / Vibrato

The Analoger™ Series ACV-1 chorus/vibrato/slapback is the latest creation in our series of 100% analog effects. The ACV-1 consists of a modulated BBD delay line with a powerful supporting cast of synthesizer-inspired controls and flexibility. At the surface the ACV-1 excels at classic chorus tones, but it is a veritable time warping modulation multi-effect powerhouse. Within the ACV-1 you can find shimmering comb filter swirls, luscious true pitch vibrato, glitchy textures, ringing metallic pipe tones, and even a faux reverb.

This powerful analog modulator was engineered by renowned analog designer Hawker to deliver the ultimate time warping experience. With a bit of a mind flip, you’ll be into the time slip—and you might even be wondering “What the Flux?”