Bogner Helios Eclipse 3-Channel 100-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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Calling all modern guitarists! This mint condition Bogner Helios Eclipse 100 watt tube amp unleashes a torrent of high-gain sound, perfect for crafting today's hottest tones. But it doesn't stop there. A touch of classic Plexi character adds a layer of richness. This 3-channel beast offers stunning clarity at any volume, with a pristine clean channel, and two overdrive channels that pack a serious punch. Tailor your sound with independent EQ, presence controls, and a versatile 3-way gain switch on each overdrive channel. Don't let the power fool you - this amp comes in a compact head shell for easy portability. For undeniable modern tones and incredible flexibility, the Bogner Helios Eclipse is a dream amp.  

NOTE: This amp has only a few hours of play on it and is basically brand new.

- Wattage: 100
- Serial Number: 088035
- Footswitch Included
- Cables & Cords Included

- 3-channel, 100-watt tube amplifier with modern tones and a touch of Plexi vibe
- Dedicated clean channel with volume, presence, and bright switch
- 2 drive channels with bass/mid/treble controls, presence, and 3-way gain switches
- Control how tight or loose your tone is with the bottom switch
- Footswitchable channels and effects loop (footswitch included)
Make your tone even more vibrant and aggressive with the EQ bypass switch
- Handwired with turret board construction