Caroline Guitar Company California 'ZA - Limited Run Hawaiian Pizza

**** The California 'ZA is a Cottonwood Music Emporium exclusive Circuit and Color

**** Limited to only 100 units worldwide

When we talked about doing a special "California Pizza" for our good friends at Cottonwood Music, we initially resisted the idea, as we didn’t want to make a pedal that might make you feel like you’re stuck eating a thin crust pizza at the airport for a layover. We wanted to offer our distinctive pizza fuzz drive, but with a late 1980s California flair and sound. We’re talking small town kids with big dreams and bigger hair arriving on the Sunset Strip. Doing the Neutron Dance. Beverly Hills Cop II. Shiny, but also dirty on the underside. Think back to Night Flight, Cannon Films productions, "tastefully" airbrushed photos and bands touring with road cases of ozone depleting hair-spray. Now *that’s* the spirit of the CALIFORNIA 'ZA

We tweaked the internals with the gain control of our Hawaiian Pizza and used some VERY high gain transistors to give this thing lots of extra heat, extra hair, and extra shine, 80s California style. Keep the "Bear" control low and it’s actually bright and sparkly at the (relatively) lower gain settings. Feed those chord strums to your rack unit choruses and delays and write a power ballad for all the slow dances at the prom. Turn it all the way up and it’s chewy and roaring just like our Hawaiian Pizza fuzz but with some extra nastiness bordering on profane. But roll it back just a touch, and surprise! You’re getting the sound of peeling out of the suburban shopping malls in your IROC-Z, jean jacket and Vuarnets, cause nobody in that food court’s gonna tell you what to do! And with that "Cocktails and Dreams" colorway and graphics, your pedal board is going to appreciate that shot of polish and danger that the California 'Za is gonna bring.

Should you want those wooly, nouveau classic Pizza tones, starve the palm trees, crank the bear, and get those broken fuzz sounds. If the California 'Za can’t be the first pedal in your signal chain, fear not: just switch the internal pickup simulator on and you’ll be ready for stacking with other pedals or even having a wireless system before this thing.

Originally launched in 2018 to help raise money for our local Girls Rock Camp here in our hometown, our Hawaiian Pizza pedal became a customer favorite for offering an insane range of sounds from just three simple controls and your guitar knobs. We hope you dig this special variant, and thanks for letting us make things we think are cool for you.