CIOKS DC7 Power Supply

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CIOKS DC7 Future Power Generation Power SupplyThe CIOKS DC7 is an excellent and reliable power supply that works with standard low-current up to the most power-hungry effects pedals. Despite its slim one-inch profile, the DC7 provides a maximum of 48W from all its outlets. Thanks to its two-stage switch-mode power supply topology, DC7 achieves an ultra-low noise power. You can plug in high-current Eventide pedals without worrying about any unwanted hums.The small-sized power supply features seven isolated DC outputs and an additional 5V USB outlet. You can connect the DC7 Power Supply with CIOKS 4, CIOKS 8, or other compatible units with 24V input voltage (via Flex Cables) if you want more isolated outlets.TECHNICAL SPECS:

  • LIGHTENS UP YOUR PEDALBOARD - The slim profile of CIOKS DC7 makes it super easy to integrate with any rig. Despite its small size, DC7 can run even the most power-hungry pedals.
  • BUILT-IN POWER METER - The DC7 has an onboard true power meter that displays the total load. Each outlet features an LED indicator that shows the overall load status.
  • EXPANDABLE POWER SOLUTION - You can connect the DC7 with CIOKS 4, CIOKS 8, or other compatible units with 24V input voltage using the Flex Cables if you want more isolated outlets.
  • OPERATES QUIETLY - The 6 outputs are configured into 4 isolated sections. This means the outlets do not have any direct electrical connection between each other, further reducing ground loop noise.
  • DELIVERS LOTS OF POWER OUTPUT - The small DC7 provides up to 48W of power. Each outlet can be configured to 9, 12, 15, or 18 voltage values. Plus, it has a USB port for charging tablets.