Collision Devices Tars Filter / Fuzz

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The Collision Devices TARS is a fuzz/filter pedal. It’s a robot looking for life in space too. But that’s a long story we’ll tell you in the user manual.

It comes in a 1.5mm aluminium enclosure with aluminium knobs and faders. All custom and locally made.
The fuzz part is inspired by the Black Hole Symmetry fuzz section.
Put it through the MS-20 style filter to create fuzzy-noisy textures.
Cut through the mix with the different filter possibilites or sweep between the frequencies to create huge waves of noise.

Completely built in France. From the enclosure to the circuit. Assembled by hand in our workshop.

- Gain : Placed after the Jfet transistor input stage and followed by silicon gain and clipping stages.
- Master : Master volume.
- CutOff : This fader controls the cutoff frequency of the MS-20 style low pass filter. Based on a LM13700 stage. Goes from 15Hz to 44kHz.
- Resonance : Increases the intensity of the signal around the cutoff frequency.
- LPF VOL : VCA - sets the output volume of the filter. Pretty useful to adjust the filter to your setup.
- 2p/4p toggle switch : Select the attenuation curve. Cut at -12dB/octave (2p) or at -24dB/octave (4p).
- Add Fuzz (On/Off) toggle switch : Add an extra unfiltered fuzz signal. The result is louder and creates cool frequencies boost or cut depending on the cutoff position.
- Serial - // toggle switch : Put the fuzz through the filter - or use both effects in //.
- Expression/CV : The Expression/CV control is linked to the cutoff fader. The cutoff fader value sets the lowest value the EXP pedal can go.

- Voltage: +9V DC (négative center)
- Output Impedance: 100 KOhm
- Weight: 150gr
- Maximum current draw: 150 mA
- Input Impedance: 1 MOhm
- The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Collision devices Pedals. Power supply not included.
- The pedal is true bypass
- Lifetime warranty.