Cusack Music Resound V2

It's back in stock, and it's better than before. The Resound V2 programmable reverb pedal has been re-designed to feature a dedicated expression pedal input, dedicated Left and Right output, and updated programs. The Resound V2 sounds even better than the first edition. We built upon the success of the first version and kept most the programs that people have come to love. However, they have been tweaked and fine tuned giving each program more complex characteristics equating in a smoother, lusher tone. We have updated the 5th program to be a "SWELL".


The "SWELL" program reverses the reverb and blossoms under your playing. It also ducks in response to your attack. This is a very sensitive program for articulate players. It is very interactive and responsive to your dynamics. The ducking can be used in a percussive manner with a sharp attack of the pick or generate a rich sonic landscape with a gentler touch.

Recording and navigating presets is a breeze with this pedal. There are no menus to go through. Our philosophy is: find your sound, be inspired, and play your guitar.

Have a spring reverb on the left side of the preset bank and a long chathedral reverb on the right. Switch from left to right for different sections of the song. Use the "extend" feature on either preset side (maxing out the decay) for additional variations within the preset.

1. ROOM - from a very short, closet type of reverb to larger room sizes. The Pre-delay is very effective with the shorter decay times for a slap-back, small-room or chamber effect.

2. PLATE - Rich textured plate reverb sounds, from dark to bright.

3. CATHEDRAL - Big, vaulted-ceiling room simulated reverb. Very spacious sounding with as much decay as you’ll ever need.

4. MODULATED - A lush chorus /reverb, with the effects running in parallel instead of series. This results in a clearer, more useable pairing of these two popular effects.

5. SWELL - A new program for the V2 that reverses your guitars sound and ducks in response to your dynamics.

6. HALL/FREEZE - A very versatile program enabling everything from Hall reverb to a dry freeze, and custom blends in between.

7. SPRING - Towards left with the tone control for “ blackface” style of reverb, towards right for the earlier spring tank sound.

8. SHIMURMUR - Independent control of the upper and lower voicings allows for an interesting shimmer program that can be ominous or choir-like.

- Standard 9v DC, center negative power supply
- Current draw ~85mA

- Buffered bypass based on Cusack More Louder
- 4.75” x 3.85” x 2.25” (L x D x H)