Deimel Guitarworks Firestar #185 in Silver Space Classic Finish

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The Deimel Firestar has been built as a new classic tool for creative and modern guitar music. A lot of people nowadays like the so-called »offset waist guitars« for their beautiful and ergonomic shape. As there are only a few well known designs Frank has developed his own offset waist body shape, called the Firestar.

The idea to literally make use of historic, classic guitar designs and build up a new design, is a process we don’t call hybrid, we would rather name it evolution. But indeed, ingredients of already existing perfect ideas, have been recombined here in our own unique design. There are many design features already so good, that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. But sometimes, you find great features in one guitar, but it misses another great feature from other guitars. Therefore, »best of both worlds« stands for uniting best qualities in order to come to another higher overall quality of the guitar. Our result is the Deimel Firestar guitar.


  • Body Wood: One piece Red Alder

  • Neck Wood: Figured Maple

  • Neck Finish: Oil / Wax on Back of Neck for super smooth glide

  • Fretboard Wood: Indian Rosewood

  • Fretboard Inlays: Mother of Pearl Dots

  • Frets: 21 Wagner Medium Jumbo

  • Scale Length: Long scale, 25.5" w/ compound radius 9.5" to 12"

  • Nut: Tusq

  • Glue: Polyutherane

  • Neck Shape: Medium Fat 59JM

  • Headstock: Black fiber with Pearl Inlay

  • Tuner: Gotoh SDS510 Nickel

  • Body Varnish: Silver Space Classic Finish

  • Pickguard: One Piece Black Anodized Aluminum

  • Pickups: Deimel Humbuckers in Neck & Bridge

  • Pickup Extra: Built-In Piezo Disc

  • Bridge/Vibrato: Mastery Bridge w/Duesenberg Vibrato

  • Electricity:

    • 3-way toggle w/Gold Contacts

    • Piezo On/Off Slider

    • Neck Pickup Coil Split Slider

    • Bridge Pickup Coil Split Slider

  • Knobs and Switches: Black witch hats for volume & tone

  • Wire: Cotton push back, 7 stranded

  • Pots: CTS

  • Aged Metal Parts

  • Case: Deimel Hiscox hard case

  • Capacitors: Vishay Sprague 1813, 22nf

  • Output: Switchcraft

  • Weight: 8lbs. 0.1oz.