Disaster Area Designs DMC.micro PRO

Micro-Sized MIDI Controller The DMC.micro PRO is an updated and improved version of our most popular controller, featuring full-sized performance but in a much smaller package. The DMC.micro PRO uses our advanced Gen3 technology in a tiny package – just 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 1.6″ (93 x 38 x 42mm.) The DMC.micro user interface is incredibly simple – tap the left or right buttons to perform an action, hold the left button to perform a third “alternate” action, or hold the right button to advance to the next “page.” The DMC.micro PRO can access up to eight pages, whose functions may include: Device Control: Program select and bypass for up to four devices. Utility Mode X: User-set actions on left / right / alt buttons. Utility Mode Y: User-set actions on left / right / alt buttons. This mode is also assignable to looper controls for the Strymon Timeline, Eventide H9 / Timefactor, or Line 6 M9/M13. Preset: Stores programs from Device Control pages and allows the user to change multiple devices at once. Clock: Control the DMC.micro PRO’s built-in MIDI clock generator Web-based editor: Rename presets and Utility Mode labels, full editor coming Q2 2021.