Disaster Area Designs DPC.Micro

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Our most compact loop switching controller, with three true bypass loops in a standard 125B enclosure.

The DPC.micro works as a standalone device, to switch three separate pedals or signal chains, or as a MIDI-controlled loop expander for your rig.

Each loop may be controlled using a MIDI CC message or program change message, and the DPC.micro can store up to 120 preset combinations for instant recall over MIDI.

The DPC.micro is also available in an under-board mount version with no footswitches. The under-board version features a programming pushbutton to select the loops and save presets, located on the side next to the MIDI input.

- Full MIDI implementation - activate loops with MIDI CC or PC messages
- Each loop LED is configurable for color and brightness
- Manual mode selects one loop at a time
- Preset mode selects multiple loops at once
- Optional pop-stopping function
- No buffer or signal conditioning - works great with impedance-sensitive pedals like fuzz, wah, vibe, and more

- Three true-bypass effects loops using gold-contact relays
- Adjustable muting relay for click / pop suppression or audio mute function
- Standard 5-pin MIDI input and output to interface with other devices or controllers
- Compact Size – 4.8″ x 2.6″ x 1.4″, same size as Boss, Chase Bliss, or Alexander pedals
- Available with soft-touch footswitches or in a switchless version with programming button on the left side.
- Multi-color LED indicators to show loop status or preset selection
- USB port connects to your DAW or mobile device for MIDI communication or firmware update.
- Runs on standard 9V power, 100mA or less

If you already have a MIDI controller, the DPC.micro can act as a MIDI “slave” on any available channel. You can even connect up to four DPC.micro to create your own modular switching rig.

The DPC.micro is fully compatible with the Disaster Area Gen3 pedal controllers – connect it to add three effects loops under MIDI control.

Do you have a MIDI-capable multi-effects unit like the Line 6 Helix / Helix LT / HX Effects, or Fractal AX8? The DPC.micro can interface directly with your rig to add up to three independently controllable loops for your non-MIDI pedals! Combine your favorite analog distortion, compression, modulation, and delay pedals with the digital sounds from your other gear, without giving up your control and flexibility.