Disaster Area Designs Midi Box 4

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Updated and more powerful than ever, the MIDI Box 4 converts standard 5-pin (DIN) MIDI communications to a variety of 1/4″ formats.

Four independent control ports interface to your devices, and new user-accessible configuration switches make setup easier than ever.
Each control port may be set to one of four output modes, selectable using the DIP switches on the face of the MIDI Box 4.

- Tip Active:. Suits Alexander, Meris, Empress, Bondi, and other devices using voltage mode on the jack tip

- Ring Active: Suits Chase Bliss Audio and other devices using voltage mode on the jack ring

- Tip and Ring Active: Provides separate outputs on tip and ring of the control port, enabling two MIDI outputs using our TRS Insert Cable

- TRS MIDI: Sets the tip active and pulls the ring terminal high, for use with Boss, Jackson, Cooper, Swindler and other devices that conform to the MIDI TRS specification. Also works with our MJ-5P MultiJack to MIDI cable to provide additional standard MIDI outputs from the MIDI Box 4.

- Power: Requires 9-12v DC input, 50mA maximum.

- Status LED: Lights blue when powered, blinks red when MIDI data is received. Constant high-speed MIDI data such as MIDI Clock may cause the LED to remain violet.

- MIDI THRU: Dedicated hardware MIDI Thru, repeats any MIDI data received to send to your other MIDI devices. You can chain multiple MIDI Box 4 units by linking the MIDI THRU from the first box to the MIDI IN of the next and so on.

- Dimensions: 4.4 in x 2.38 in x 1.06 in (112 mm x 60 mm x 27 mm) not including jack nuts.