Dr Scientist The Elements Dual-Channel Overdrive / Distortion

This product has been played/demoed in store, used to make promotional materials, or returned in great condition. It may be missing its original packaging or inserts or show very slight signs of use. This item is backed with the same return policy and satisfaction guarantee as a new product, making it a risk free purchase.Dr. Scientist Sounds The Elements Distortion - Nature Your guitar tone is like the elements of space after the big bang, floating through a vacuum in disharmony, their potential infinite but unrealized. Realize their potential and bring your tone into harmony with the Elements, a pedal that delivers overdrive, distortion and equalizer, and works with guitars, basses and electronic instruments. The Elements provides so much control over your tone, you'll think you're sitting at the control deck of a flying saucer, but its intuitive design means you won't need to check the manual every five minutes. Oriented toward high-gain tweakability, the Elements gives you the control you need while blasting a mean tone. Dr. Scientist Sounds The Elements Distortion - Nature Features: Operation: Mono input, mono output Power Requirements: 9VDC @ 50mA, 18VDC @ 100mA Input/Output Impedance: 500k?/1k? Bypass: True bypass using soft touch switch and relayKnobs  Bass: +/-15dB peaking filter centred at 100Hz Midrange: +/-15dB peaking filter, centre frequency chosen by Mid Freq toggle Treble: +/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz?Gain: Op-amp based, range from less than unity to very high saturationVol: Passive resistance to groundMix: Dry at 0, wet at full