Earthquaker Devices Hoof Hybrid Fuzz - V2

What to say about the hoof that hasn’t already been said? Our flagship fuzz pedal can be found on thousands on pedalboards around the world and has rocked countless stages from stinky Suburban basements to Madison Square Garden. Twice. The hoof is loosely based on the classic green Russian muff-style fuzz circuit, and features a hybrid germanium/ silicon design, pairing maximum tone with maximum temperature stability not found in finicky and expensive vintage units. We hand-match our NOS germanium transistors to exacting specifications for pedal-to-pedal consistency, taking the guesswork out of your fuzz purchase, and in that your Hoof delivers the same smooth, natural, and harmonically rich sustain as all your friends’ hoofs. All your friends have Hoof fuzzes, right? The hoof has a wide gain range, providing everything From dirty and organic amp-like overdrive, to monstrous fuzz madness. This, paired with the “shift” control allows you total tonal access, as the “shift” knob works with the “tone” control to alter the overall frequency response of the hoof. Use the “shift” to boost the highs for a glassy, cutting top-end; use it to cut out some Low-Mid mud; use it to add some thick stoner rock sludge; use it on bass; use it to combat the muff-style fuzz’s notorious “mid scoop; ” use it however you'd like, just use it! The hoof’s distinctive, fuzzy character is tight and controlled without sacrificing any “guts, ” so to speak, so even the gnarliest fuzz tones will sit well in the mix. The hoof fuzz is all-analog, true bypass, and built one-at-a-time by real life human beans with four fingers and a thumb waiting in line for the horsey Rides at the rustic frontier land amusement park of Akron, Ohio, USA. (The official center of the universe. ).

  • Features a hybrid Germanium/Silicon design, pairing maximum tone with maximum temperature stability
  • Wide gain range provides everything from amp-like overdrive to monstrous fuzz madness
  • Features a smooth, natural and harmonically rich sustain
  • Generates real clarity and distinctiveness that provides a tight and controlled signal that will surely be heard through the mix
  • Scoop the mids or boost them--lots of tonal shaping options are on tap
  • Shift control changes the frequency response of the tone control, primarily on the treble side, but it also diminishes any unnecessary muddiness on the bass side too
  • Made with care by human hands in Akron, Ohio