Echo Fix EF-P2 - Spring Reverb

The Echo Fix EF-P2 is a real Spring Reverb pedal that packs a huge sound into a small enclosure.
Boasting a 100% analog signal path, this pedal delivers a classic, warm, ambient reverb effect, and would be a valuable addition to any effect arsenal.
The EF-P2 features a three-spring reverb tank, adjustable Spring Drive, Bass / Treble EQ controls, and Reverb Volume control.
With a footswitch for reverb bypass and also a direct signal mute footswitch, the EF-P2 can also be used as an outboard effect in recording studios.
With increased voltage rails for studio use, the EF-P2 can accept line level inputs from synths and other audio devices, not just guitar.
The Echo Fix EF-P2 Spring Reverb Pedal is a must-have for any musician looking to add more depth and atmosphere to their sound.
  • Real spring reverb pan
  • Spring drive control
  • Spring drive control
  • Treble control
  • Reverb Level Control 
  • Soft momentary switching for noiseless Bypass and Direct Mute switching 
  • Increased internal power supply voltage rails for increased dynamic range
  • Illuminated reverb tank viewing window
  • Power - 9VDC Centre Negative
  • Current - 200mA minimum
  • Input Impedance - 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance - 1KΩ
  • Dimensions - 160mm x 130mm x 60mm (6.29" x 5.11" x 2.36")