Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger

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The Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger is a simplified and miniaturized iteration of our Longsword op amp drive. We streamlined the circuit into its core gain stages and dual band shelving EQ, for the ideal match of simplicity and flexibility.

Through miniaturizing the Longsword, the Dagger found its own voice. During this process we re-examined the quirks and unique rough edges of earlier Longsword versions. The V1 and V2 Longswords have less headroom, which let the EQ controls overload the output stage for a distinctively fuzzy sound. While not a traditional use case, we fell back in love with that sound and incorporated those design elements into the Dagger. In addition to being a great fit for smaller pedal boards, the Dagger also stands on its own as a unique drive pedal.

  • Volume: output volume, self explanatory
  • Drive: turn clockwise to increase the amount of overdrive
  • Low/High: James/Baxandall tone stack (shelving filters)
  • Shift (toggle): Adjusts the low frequency contour. Up produces a thicker sound, and down produces a tighter sound.

Electrical Specifications
  1. Bypass:Relay switching with true bypass
  2. Input impedance @ 1 Khz: 500kΩ
  3. Output impedance @ 1 Khz: <25K (passive volume control)
  4. Power: 9-18V DC, 2.1 mm center negative barrel. The current draw is 50 mA.

We recommend a regulated, isolated power supply rated for 100 mA minimum. The PSU input is protected against reverse polarity. The Dagger can be operated at 18V for more headroom and clarity.