Gamechanger Audio Plus Piano-style Sustain Pedal

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The PLUS pedal uses a proprietary real - time audio sampling algorithm to generate long, smooth layers of sustain out of any audio input signal. Compared to other “freeze” effects (based on granular synthesis or reverb engines) the PLUS Pedal fully preserves the core sound of your instrument, including picking dynamics, tone and pickup settings, vibrato, harmonics and other nuances. Most importantly, the PLUS Pedal has no limitations in terms of polyphony or timbre. You can use it with complex chords, as well as with single notes on a mono synthesizer.

The PLUS pedal offers ma ny different uses. Accompany your solos with sustaining chords. Build rich ambient textures and harmonically evolving soundscapes. With a flip of a switch and quick knob adjustments the PLUS turns into an ambient machine. Experimentation with other effects in the PLUS pedal’s FX loop opens up endless possibilities of sound sculpting. The sturdy brass piano - style foot pedal becomes part of your instrument. The sensation of playing the PLUS compares to a real piano or a wah - wah pedal.

  • Precise control over sus tain dynamics with RISE (attack) and TAIL (decay) knobs

  • Different musical applications with two distinct multi - layer sustain modes

  • Achieve organic and natural tones by dialing in gradual low pass filter with the SUSTAIN knob

  • Many routing options with we t/dry and mix/dry outputs and an FX loop

  • More expression with 2 level volume sensitivity on the brass pedal