Gamechanger Audio Third Man Records Jack White's Signature Plasma Coil Pedal

Designed together with Jack White and Third Man Records, the PLASMA Coil takes HIGH VOLTAGE DISTORTION to new heights by adding intense, gritty and glitchy octave up and down effects:

  • Volume boost

  • 2 subharmonic modes(bitcrush-style octave down)

  • 1 upper harmonic mode (Octafuzz-style octave Up)

  • 2 mixed modes (upper and lower harmonics combined)

The PLASMA Coil’s octave effects are created by a unique analog circuit designed specifically for driving a high-voltage transformer. The subharmonic modes will add massive low end to higher notes and the Upper Harmonicmodes will add fire and razorblades to riffs and low-tuned chords.

The PLASMA Pedal’s BLEND control is removed, so you always are on 100% PLASMA.

The PLASMA Coil is even more grittier than PLASMA Pedal and the added effects make it a very expressive distortion unit.